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The Tender Filet® Credit by The Swiss Colony®
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Wisconsin's renowned culinary artist Chef "Wave" Kasprzak presents considerable 10-oz. portions that are moist and tender from slow braising in red wine, earthy porcini mushrooms and onions.

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$51.95 - $139.00

$15.00 per month

Succulent, juicy, tender...the Boneless Prime Rib Roast, with its robust taste and exquisite tenderness, is always at the top of America's list of favorites. This easy-to-prepare roast is cut from the heart of the rib—boneless and mouth-watering to the very last morsel. Shipped frozen in a…

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$59.95 - $210.00

$25.00 per month

Without a doubt, the most tender Prime Rib you'll ever cook. Our boneless roast from the heart of the rib is pre-seasoned and aged to perfection. It creates its own natural juices in the roasting bag, giving you robust, succulent flavor that's incredibly easy to prepare. Recommended serving…

$69.95 - $120.00

$20.00 per month

…Mignons, 8-ounce New York Strip Steaks, 12-ounce T-Bone Steaks, 6-ounce Rib Eye, 8-ounce Prime Rib Slices (the package may also call these "Cooked Boneless Beef Ribeye", which is the USDA term for Prime Rib), 6-ounce America's Cut ® Pork Chops, 6-ounce Sirloin Burgers, and…

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$163.00 - $440.00

$30.00 per month

…center of the Rib Eye and completely trimmed, it's bursting with all the rich, juicy flavor you'd expect from a Rib Eye only extra-trimmed. 4-oz. Steaks approx. 3/8" thick.This grill-perfect, flavor-packed selection includes:* 4 6-ounce America's Cut ® Boneless Pork Chops* 4…


$15.00 per month